Cowboy CB 29


  • Comes complete with servo motor speed reducer and pedestal stand ( needles Bobbins thread )


Cb29:  $2395.00. 12" arm small bobbin
CB29B:  $2649.00. 12" arm large bobbin
CB29L:  $2849.00. 18" arm small bobbin
CB29BL:  $2949.00. 18" arm large bobbin
Cowboy CB 29

Cowboy CB 29
Cowboy CB29 Shoe Patch Sewing Machine

Price: $2,395.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Patcher style leather sewing machines are used to repair stitching and tears in shoe and boot uppers. These machines are unique in that they are fed entirely by the presser foot, which revolves in a full 360 circle.

Great for putting patches on coats or hard to reach areas.

The Cowboy CB29 leather patcher, is capable of sewing up to 5/16" of light to medium temper leather, with up to #138 bonded nylon or polyester thread.

It has a narrow cylinder arm of either 12 or 18 inches in length; making it ideal for sewing boots, round cases, bags, purses and hats. Patchers are extremely useful for sewing decorative patches onto garments, like leather vests. The bobbins and bobbin cases are very small, compared to a standard industrial sewing machine. They hold a lot less thread and are best suited to thinner grades of bonded nylon, such as #46, #69, or #92. This machine features a lube pot on top, and a knob on the hand wheel. The hand wheel and bobbin winder can be moved from the back to the front of the machine.

The Cowboy CB29 has single, top feed, with teeth on the bottom of the foot. There is no feed dog on the bottom; just a smooth, double-ended plate with a small needle hole at one end and a larger needle hole at the other end. It is best suited for sewing non-markable chrome tanned/garment leather projects, or those where the tooth marks are not objectionable. The maximum clearance under the lifting presser foot is 3/8 inch, which allows you to actually sew about between 1/4" to 5/16" maximum. Also, the stitch length varies a bit with the thickness being sewn. Shoe patchers, like the Cowboy CB29 series, although typically used with #69 thread or smaller, can sew with up to #138 bonded nylon, or 3 cord cotton/linen thread. If you plan on using this size thread, we advise you to purchase the "large" bobbin (option "B") machine, in the arm length you prefer.