Cowboy CB 7318


Max. Sewing Speed::  2000 rpm
Hook Type::  2 times Large rotary hook
Presser Foot Lift::  13mm
Needle bar stroke::  37 mm
Needle System::  DP x 17 (#18 to #24)
Max. Thread size:  Metric #20 (=V138=420d X 3)
Stitch Length::  0-8mm
Bobbin size::  Outside Dia. 26mm, Height 11.2mm
Working space::  260mm (length) x120mm( High)
Amount of alternating foot::  Standard 5.5 mm
Packing size::  675x260x500MM, 36.5KGS
Tariff code (HS code)::  8452290000
::  * stand fully assembled
Cowboy CB 7318

Cowboy CB 7318
Flat Bed compound walking Foot

Price: $1,695.00

(You can always remove it later.)

7318 Heavy duty compound feed walking foot leather and upholstery sewing machine with lowest cost


single needle compound feed (walking foot) industrial sewing machine designed to sew leather, vinyl, canvas, synthetics, webbing and other medium to heavy weight materials; With its powerful feeding system, wider presser foot stroke, higher foot lift and longer stitch length, this inexpensive industrial sewing machine can deal with many different types of material and thick sewing threads; It features a large hook & base for increased lower bobbin thread capacity and triple feeding by lower feed dog, needle bar and walking presser foot; Improved quality and a safety clutch assembly which is fitted to help reduce hook damage should the machine become jammed etc; An excellent design feature of this machine is that it uses the very common Singer 111 style feet allowing the user access to well over 100 different types of feet including left toe feet, right toe feet, piping feet, cording feet, welting feet, edge guide feet and many others.


bags, luggage, sofa cushions, horse blankets, canvas, covers, general upholstery & leather work, chaps, chinks, wallets, purses, handbags, lightweight pet and horse products, turn out sheets, horse blankets, as well as indoor and outdoor upholstery, marine vinyl, automobile upholstery, various coated and laminated products, synthetic and genuine furs, fleece, hair on hides, and the like.

2 times large rotary hook
Tiple feed (compound feed)

Your advantages:

  1. The 7318 lockstitch machine has a compound feed (drop feed, foot and needle), which, combined with a higher needle bar stroke, which in this model is up to 37mm, perfectly copes with technical sewing;

  2. The hook is enlarged, and thus allows placing the bobbin with enlarged capacity (diameter 26mm). This solution allows for a less frequent thread exchange, which is especially important in technical sewing, where thicker threads are used;

  3. This triple feed lockstitch sewing machine has automatic lubrication system which is more convenient and economical in comparison with manual lubrication system;

  4. The energy-saving motor installed in the lockstitch allows for a reduction of costs, because it consumes much less energy compared to clutch motors;

  5. Precise needle UP/DOWN positioning, it may be convenient to have the machine stop with the needle in "down" position for operations where sewing will continue after adjusting the item or have it stop in the "needle-up" position when the work will be removed after each operation;

  6. A full array of special presser foot is avaialble for high productivity and perfect seam quality.


Designed to sew leather, vinyl, canvas, synthetics, webbing and other medium to heavy weight materials, for example furniture and car upholstery, bags, suitcases, general upholstery, belts,leather crafts, truck cover, banners, tents, canopies, tarpaulins, awnings, handbags, lorry curtain sidings, outdoor wear, straps & camping goods etc.