Cowboy CB227R


  • The Cowboy 227R leather sewing machine is capable of sewing up to 3/8" of leather, webbing, or denim, with up to #207 bonded nylon or polyester thread
  • The machine has a 10 1/2 inch long cylinder arm (a.k.a: free arm) and uses the same multitudinous and inexpensive needles and presser feet as the Singer 111w155, Consew 227R and most other walking foot machines
  • The throat cover plate is cut off close to the left end of the arm, allowing you to sew gussets and other projects that have narrow flanges (with narrow feet).
  • You can let shaped items hang down and sew along the back, very close to the edge; The 227R features a forward/reverse stitch length lever, which you pull down to back tack to lock your stitches.
  • The positive compound feed is performed by a combination of a bottom feed dog, timed with a moving needle and moving inside presser foot.
  • complete with servo power stand


Max. Speed:  2000 rpm
Presser lift:  12mm
Stitch length Stitch length:  5mm
Diameter:  66mm
Needle:  135x16 #24
Working area:  260*110mm
Cowboy CB227R

Cowboy CB227R
Medium weight walking foot cylinder arm

Price: $2,150.00

(You can always remove it later.)