Cowboy Model CB-1541S


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Cowboy Model CB-1541S

Cowboy Model CB-1541S
( bed length 10.4 ) Flat bed walking foot Machine

Price: $2,095.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Cowboy CB-1541s Compound Feed Walking Foot Machine

With its longer needlebar stroke (36mm), higher presser foot lift (16mm) and double-tension mechanism, the CB-1541s offers excellent sewing capabilities and responsiveness.

The machine's rectangular feeding motion guarantees consistent feeding of materials of all thicknesses without stitch gathering.

There is a built in bobbin winder mechanism and the amount of alternating foot lift can be varied between 2.5 and 6.5mm via a knob on top of the head. In addition, the ratio between alternating vertical travel of the walking foot and presser foot remains unchanged even when the material thickness changes.

The horizontal axis hook takes double capacity M style bobbins and is protected from damage from thread jams by a resettable safety clutch.

The Cowboy CB-1541s comes assembled on a 20" x 48" table, with a powerful servo motor (with a 2" pulley) and flexible lamp. View the assembled machine

The maximum thickness that can be sewn varies with the density of the material and sizes of the thread and needle. It takes much more foot pressure to hold down very dense material, like veg-tan leather. Larger thread and needle sizes increase the required foot pressure and top thread tension. Hard leather could be limited to 20 ounces or less on this machine.