Cowboy Outlaw


Right and Left toe feet free: 
Max. Sewing Speed:  700 rpm
Hook Type:  HAD-204 Barrel Shuttle Hook
Presser Foot Lift:  18mm
Needle bar stroke:  56 mm
Needle System:  794 S leather point needle, #160-#280
Max. Thread size:  #7, V415, 1300dX3, T-400
Stitch Length:  0-10mm
Bobbin size:  Outside Dia. 24mm, Height 30.5mm
Take up stroke:  80mm 80 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Balance wheel Dia:  11 inches
Working space:  268mm (length) x166mm( High) 268mm (length) x166mm( High)
Recommended motor:  Minimum 0.75 kW
Packing size:  630x320x550MM
Weight:  46KGS
Cowboy Outlaw

Cowboy Outlaw
OUTLAW hand operated leather sewing machine

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This affordable hand crank leather sewing machine is an economical alternative to heavy duty motor industrial sewing machines for gun holsters making, knife sheaths, leather bags, leather belts and manufacturers of harnesses. Designed to provide years of dependable trouble free operation, the OUTLAW is destined to become a mainstay in your arsenal of leather working tools. It is also the best leather sewing machine for the beginners.

Precision step-by step stitching for detailed sewing work. This leather stitcher is an excellent machine for doing repairs on leather goods that have already been sewn, as the operator can match each hole stitch for stitch.



This machine is the ideal choice for sewing chaps, chinks, leather pouches, horse tack, bridles, breast collars, halters, reins, holsters, knife sheaths, saddles and harness, synthetic materials such as nylon, Biothane, Ohiothane, other various coated and laminated products, sheep's fleece and hair on cowhide.