Highlead GC20688-1-D


  • A high speed automatically lubricated compound feed lockstitch machine which incorporates automatic thread trimming, automatic back tacking, and presser foot lifting as standard with a powerful feeding system for hard to sew articles.
  • The inner presser foot stroke is easily adjusted to assist in climbing over thick materials and a second selected stitch length adjustment is useful when alternating stitch lengths are used in product construction.
  • It is used extensively to sew thick leather, nylon, synthetic leather, automobile upholstery and automobile seating and interiors.


Max Sewing Speed:  3500 r.p.m.
Stitch length:  0-9 mm
Needle bar stroke:  34 mm
Presser foot lift:  9mm By Hand 16mm By Knee
Needle Size:  DP x 17 18#-25# (Standard 18#)
Rotating Hook:  Large vertical hook (1.6 times)
Presser foot alternation:  1.5-7mm
Auto presser foot lifter:  Pneumatic
Presser alternation adjuster:  Pneumatic
Safety Device:  Standard
Lubrication:  Auto lubricated
Reverse Feeding Device:  Auto reverse feeding
Working space:  300 x 120 mm
Motor:  All Machines come complete with power stand Servo motor 110 or 220V.
Highlead GC20688-1-D

Highlead GC20688-1-D
Heavy Duty Compound Feed Lockstitcher with Trimmer

Price: $4,475.00

(You can always remove it later.)