Highlead GC24618-D


  • These compound feed post bed machines derive their feeding power from a top driven roller presser foot and a bottom driven roller wheel feed dog.
  • They are designed with a link lever thread take up and use a timing belt to transfer power from the main shaft to the hook shaft.
  • Needle bearings and ball bearings are used in critical positions thereby ensuring smooth and quiet operation.
  • They are used in sewing such small radius items as leather shoes, handbags, gloves, caps and similar articles.


Max Sewing Speed:  3000 r.p.m.
Stitch length:  1.3-7 mm
Needle bar stroke:  38 mm
Presser foot lift By hand:  7 mm
Presser foot lift by knee:  14 mm
Post height:  178 mm
Feed Dog:  Driven roller type
Needle Size:  DP x 5 11#-14#
Needle gauge:  2.4 mm
Rotating hook:  Vertical hook
Lubrication:  Manual
Motor:  All Machines come complete with power stand Servo motor 110 or 220V.
Highlead GC24618-D

Highlead GC24618-D
Post-bed Compound Feed Lockstitcher with Roller UBT Fully automated

Price: $2,975.00

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