Highlead GG0068-1


  • A newly designed high speed automatically lubricated lockstitch zig zag machine capable of producing a regular zig zag stitch and a three step zig zag stitch by a simple lever adjustment without needing a cam change.
  • The double point sliding block mechanism maintains excellent feeding performance and a triple step planar linkage mechanism easily provides accurate needle vibrating motion at high speed
  • stitch mode change over between one step and three step zig zag using a lever.
  • The machine is well suited for decorative stitching on innerwear, foundations, swim suits, towels or wherever a high quality zig zag stitch is required.


Stitch Mode:  One Step stitch
Max Sewing Speed:  4500 r.p.m.
Max Stitch length:  2.5mm
Max zigzag width:  5mm
Presser foot lift By hand:  5mm
Presser foot lift by knee:  10mm
Needle Size:  DP x 5 9# - 14 #
Rotating Hook:  Auto lubricated hook
Lubrication:  Auto Lubricated
Motor:  All Machines come complete with power stand Servo motor 110 or 220V.
Highlead GG0068-1

Highlead GG0068-1
Single Needle Zigzag Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Price: $2,430.00

(You can always remove it later.)