Juki DDL-5600N-7


  • Automatic Thread Trimmer
  • Highly consistent seam quality
  • The machine is equipped with a link mechanism which is highly evaluated for its straightness, consistency and durability
  • Thanks to this mechanism, the machine is capable of making well-tensed, beautifully finished seams, regardless of the type of heavy materials
  • The maximum stitch length is as long as 8mm (with the L-type machine for the sewing heavy materials with long stitch length), thereby making the machine widely applicable to the sewing of heavy materials, such as bags, requiring a longer stitch length
  • Sure thread trimming mechanism
  • Higher lift of the presser foot for improved ease of operation
  • Newly developed control box / Compact motor unit
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki DDL-5600N-7

Juki DDL-5600N-7
Lockstitch Machine with Double-capacity Hook

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Provided with a double-capacity hook and thread trimmer best-suited for the sewing of heavy materials and jeans, the machine not only upgrades the quality of finished products but also promotes efficiency in production.