Juki DDL-8000A


Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer.: 
comes complete with power stand: 
Works on 110 V Standard Voltage or 220V: 
Juki DDL-8000A

Juki DDL-8000A
Single Needle Industrial Sewing Machine Free Shipping (48 Us States) Lift gate $40.00 extra

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The DDL-8000A Series maintains JUKI's established seam quality and is provided with narrowed-down essential and simplified functions. It helps improve the work efficiency through operator assistance with its audio guidance.


The DDL-8000A Series of sewing machines use two different lubricating methods.Lubrication in the frame is the main cause of oil stains on the products. The DDL-8000A Series [M] type has incorporated the
semi-dry head with the frame which does not need lubrication. In addition, the DDL-8000A Series [S] type has adopted the
minute-quantity lubrication system. Both come in two type; the standard type and the shorter-thread remaining type.
The DDL-8000A Series of sewing machines are friendly to environments.

Sewing work free from oil stains by means
of our leading-edge dry-head technology
With the advanced dry technology of enabling operation
without being lubricated, a frame which does not need
lubrication has been developed. It is provided with not
only a high-speed sewing capability, but also a safety
feature for preventing oil stains.

The machine contributes to production improvement.The DDL-8000A-SH is the standard model developed
with the emphasis on durability. It produces seams with
consistency when run at speeds which falls in the range
of the highest sewing speeds.

Voice guidance for assisting the operatorThis sewing machine is provided as standard with the voice guidance with clock function.Production support functionThe target number of products, work progress (current number of products produced, achievement rate) and the operating rate of the sewing machine are displayed on the control panel provided that the initial data have been properly set.
Since the USB port is provided as standard for the operation panel and control box, sewing data can be managed and the relevant software can be upgraded with ease.* This machine is designed to be user friendly and can be used for high production sewing rooms or hobbyist.

*Direct-drive, High-speed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine
with Automatic Thread Trimmer.

*Thread Trimmer & Auto - Lifter Motor Driven

*This machine comes completely assembled and calibrated.
* comes complete with power stand
*Works on 110 V Standard Voltage or 220V