Juki DLN-6390


  • The last word in cylinder-bed lockstitch machines, intended for bottom hemming processes for jeans, casual pants and work uniforms has been launched.
  • This newest and most advanced machine has been developed in the pursuit of upgraded seam quality and improved workability in bottom hemming processes.
  • The needle bar stroke is as high as 35mm. This offers increased penetration of the needle into the material to improve adaptability to heavy-weight materials
  • The machine demonstrates excellent sewing capabilities, when sewing heavy-weight denim or multi-layered portions, that free it of sewing troubles such as stitch gathering, stitch skipping and needle breakage.
  • The machine is able to sew material with a low presser foot pressure while preventing the material from flapping. As a result, the material can be sewn free of puckering
  • The top- and bottom-roller style feed mechanism forms seams with increased consistency to achieve improved hemming quality while reducing uneven hems
  • The machine employs a highly reliable horizontal thread trimming mechanism which cuts thick thread without fail
  • The entire knife unit can be installed/removed
  • The moving knife position can be easily adjusted
  • The knife unit is of a bed device type. This means that adjustment of the knife unit is not required after removing the throat plate
  • Every time that operation of the thread trimmer occurs, the air blower keeps the knife clean by blowing off thread chips from the blade, ensuring the reliable operation of the thread trimmer
  • Efficient workability
  • Coupled to the automatic presser lifter, the hemming binder automatically opens/closes. This enables efficient operation
  • The binder can be adjusted both longitudinally and laterally
  • The binder can also be independently opened/closed by operating the knee switch (knee lifter for machines without a thread trimmer)
  • The machine is provided with a 1.7-fold hook, which demonstrates remarkable productivity
  • The needle feed amount can be easily adjusted with the scale dial, so as to get the best suited seam quality when the material or thread is changed
  • The lubrication mechanism effectively reduces oil stains on the material
  • The machine has adopted a forced circulation mechanism in consideration of reliable oiling and oil leakage prevention
  • The frame and cylinder-bed sections are provided with a circulation feature to prevent oil leakage. In addition, to ensure reliable operation, a gasket is fitted inside the frame, preventing any leakage of oil from the needle bar
  • The machine comes with a newly designed needle bar sliding mechanism that is highly durable and free of play
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki DLN-6390

Juki DLN-6390
Direct-drive, High-speed, Needle-feed, Lockstitch

Price: $3,800.00

(You can always remove it later.)