Juki LU-2216N-7


  • Higher productivity
  • Longer distance from machine arm to needle
  • The machine adopts a fully automatic lubricating method
  • With fully automatic lubrication, the cumbersome task of oiling the machine by hand is eliminated
  • Oil is forcedly circulated through the face plate by a plunger pump. This prevents oil leakage from the face plate
  • Consistent feed efficiency at higher sewing speeds
  • With its powerful feed and optimal feed locus, the machine smoothly feeds materials without stitch gathering even when running at a higher sewing speed
  • The presser foot lift is as high as 16mm
  • The presser foot goes up as high as 16mm. This ample lift ensures easy setting of heavy materials on the machine and comfortable operation
  • The vertical stroke of the walking foot and presser foot can be easily set and changed
  • The vertical stroke of the presser foot and walking foot (amount of alternating vertical movement) can be easily changed with the large dial mounted on the top of the machine head
  • The sewing speed is automatically regulated based on the vertical stroke setting. This ensures ideal sewing conditions at all times
  • The standard machine lets the operator adjust the vertical stroke of the walking foot and presser foot (DL device)
  • In processes such as the sewing of heavy materials or hard-to-feed multi-layered portions, a press on the DL switch instantly change over the vertical stroke of the walking foot and presser foot.
  • The result is beautifully produced seams without stitch gathering
  • Thread trimming without fail
  • With the rigidly moving knife shaft and optimal knife movement, the thread trimmer cuts thick thread without error
  • Moreover, no adjustment is required even when the yarn count is changed
  • AC servomotor / controller SC-380
  • The SC-380 is provided with many different standard functions, including speed-control, soft-start, automatic reverse stitching with the specified number of stitches, constant-dimension stitching, and overlapped (multi-layered) stitching
  • These functions ensure sewing performance optimally suited to the material and process
  • Control panel that improves functions of the sewing machine (optional)
  • The XC-E500 is provided with program sewing and a host of other functions that contribute to increased efficiency
Juki LU-2216N-7

Juki LU-2216N-7
Long-arm Unison-feed Lockstitch

Price: $13,400.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Long-arm, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook and Automatic Thread Trimmer


Based on the market-proven design of the LU-2210N-7 and -2260N-7 Series, the LU-2216N-7/-2266N-7 are developed with a longer distance from the machine arm to needle ... a full 650mm. The long arm unison-feed lockstitch machine with a vertical-axis large hook with an automatic thread trimmer is best-suited to processes that require a longer distance from the machine arm to needle, such as reinforcement stitching and topstitching in tape attachment processes for sewing furniture or car seats.
The machine runs at a top sewing speed of 3,000rpm, sharply increasing productivity. The machine also adopts a fully automatic lubricating method, as well as a DL device that increases the lift of the presser foot and lets the user adjust the alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot by a simple, one-touch operation. The result is improved maintainability and operability.


Both the LU-2216N-7 (1-needle) and LU-2266N-7 (2-needle) achieve the maximum sewing speed of 3,000rpm. With this capability, the machine demonstrates higher productivity when sewing long lengths of materials.

With the long distance from the machine arm to the center of the needle, a full 650mm, the machine is ideally suited to reinforcement stitching processes for attaching tape and intermediate sewing processes such as topstitching for large work pieces.

The gauge (hook, bobbin, walking foot, presser foot and feed) used in the LU-2210N/-2260N Series is also used in this model. All of the parts used in your LU-2210N/-2260N sewing machines can also be used in the LU-2216N/-2266N machines. In addition, the knife and thread tension components are also the same.