Juki LU-2810A


  • Max. sewing speed - 3,000sti/min
  • Max. stitch length - 9mm
  • Presser foot - Auto: 20mm, By hand:10mm
  • Alternating vertical movement - 1~9mm
  • Needle - 13517 (Nm160) Nm125~Nm190
  • Thread - #30~#5, B46~B138, Nm=60/3~20/3
Juki LU-2810A

Juki LU-2810A

Price: $2,995.00

(You can always remove it later.)

High and long arm has been adopted. The machine is suited to the sewing of car seats, sofas and bags. It is a sewing machine provided with dramatically improved workability and functions which are required for sewing large products and extra heavy-weight materials