Juki PLC-2710


  • Consistent sewing performance at a high speed
  • Equipped with a unison-feed system that perfectly synchronizes the presser foot, feed dog and needle, the machine feeds large-sized materials smoothly and forcefully
  • This results in consistent sewing performance at high speeds without irregular feed
  • Higher lift of the presser foot
  • The presser foot rises up as high as 15mm. This allows the operator to place/remove heavy materials such as urethane on/from the machine with ease
  • The machine is equipped as standard with a pneumatic auto-lifter
  • Safety mechanism prevents troubles
  • The safety mechanism automatically prevents hook breakage etc., when the thread gets caught in the hook and other sewing troubles occur
  • The safety mechanism can be quickly reset simply by pressing the reset button
  • Increased alternating vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot
  • The vertical stroke (alternating vertical movement) of the presser foot and walking foot can be adjusted to 8mm at the maximum to accommodate the thickness of multi-layered portions of the material to be used
  • Frequency of bobbin thread replacement has been reduced
  • With its vertical-axis 1.6 fold hook, the frequency of bobbin thread replacement is reduced
  • This hook helps to upgrade efficiency and offers special advantages when using thick threads
  • The machine head structure permits easy operation
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Juki PLC-2710

Juki PLC-2710
Post-bed Unison-feed Lockstitch Machine

Price: $5,450.00

(You can always remove it later.)

JUKI's PLC Series post-bed machines are ideally suited for the topstitching process for car seats and sofas. Now, a new 1-needle-type post-bed machine has been added to the PLC lineup. The machine feeds large-sized materials smoothly and firmly, ensuring consistent stitching performance without irregular pitches. The machine is provided with full features such as a higher lift the presser foot and an increased alternating vertical movement for the walking foot and presser foot to facilitate the sewing of heavy materials. For the PLC-1610-7 provided with an automatic thread trimmer, a newly developed AC servomotor/controller is mounted. With its high power and quick operation, the motor goes further to improve comfortable sewing works.