Pfaff 333 -712


  • Special maschine for tacking and basting of jackets, overcoats, shoulder pads, etc.
  • Easy drawing of the thread when shifting the workpiece
  • Reliable sewing start after thread triming due to the solenoid-controlled thread tension
  • One-stich tacking because of pedal-controlled inching
  • Cylindrical material guide for good handling for bulky materials ( e.g. shoulder on the jacket)
  • Simple processing of materials up to a thickness of 18 mm, depending in the used needle system
  • Come complete with power stand


Needle system::  190 K
Needle size::  80 - 100 Nm
Max. sewing speeds::  1.000 s.p.m
Stitch type::  301 (Lockstitch)
Clearance under the sewing foot::  max. 20 mm
Clear workspace::  265 x 115 mm
Pfaff 333 -712

Pfaff 333 -712
Cylinder-bed machine for tacking and basting

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