• Quality is everything when you are sewing, so why settle for puckering on your garments?
  • With the MSK8210M you won't have to any longer- The needle feed motion of the MSK8210M ensures that both the top and the bottom plies will be sewn evenly.
  • All of the convenience features are standard to make your job easier: reverse lever, selfoiler, and of course, Reliable's trusted reputation for building quality, long lasting equipment.
  • With table stand and motor.


Maximum sewing speed (r.p.m.):  5000
Stitch length:  0-4mm
Needle bar stroke:  31.8mm
Presser foot lift:  By hand- 5.0mm; By knee- 11mm
Needle size:  16 x 257 #11-#14
Feed dog:  3 Rows each
Lubrication:  Auto lubricated
Rotating hook:  Auto lubricating hook

Single Needle Feed Industrial Machine

Price: $1,299.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Every great company has a great history, and Reliable is no exception.

Started from his families garage in 1955, Reliableís founder Milton Kahn had a dream to build a better sewing machine company.

Equipped with some moxy, a desire to work hard, and a few dollars in his pocket, Milton built his empire the old fashioned way, step by step.

Sharing in Miltonís dream were a handfull of dedicated employees, some of which are still with the company to this day.

Today Reliable is a proud employer and good standing member of the community. We give generously every year to a number of local and national charities, believing that the world is a better place when we give back to the community that we live in.