Seiko BSC-8BL


  • Secure Feeding, Compound Feeding System to make the secure stitches on heavy duty materials, even on slippy or uneven materials.
  • Cylinder bed size
  • 1-13/16'(46mm) dia. for standard hook model(8B,8BV,8BHC)
  • 1-31/32'(50mm) dia. for large hook model(8BL,8BLV,8BLH)
  • Double size rotating hook reducing a frequency of bobbin thread replacement.
  • One touch switchover for two different stitch lengths ( DS device)
  • variety sewing naterials such as steps, curves, uneven thickness can be per formed by one touch switchover setting two different stitch lengths. The efficient work and beautiful finishes will be obtaines.
  • Built-in bobbin winder
  • Built-in bobbin winder makes it possible to wind the bobbin thead during sew ing operation.
  • Wide working space
  • wide working space 3-25/32' X 4-23/32'(350mm x 120mm)
  • Good Operability
  • Prosser foot lift amount 5/8'(16mm) (by knee)
  • Needle bar stoke 1-25/64'(35.4mm)
  • Alternating persser foot lift amount 3/64' - 1/4' (1mm - 6.5mm).
  • Made In japan
  • Includes Table stand and motor


Max.sewing speed:  2,300s.p.m.
Max.stitch length:  7mm
Clearance under presser foot:  16mm(by knee) 9mm(by hand)
Needle bar stroke:  35.4mm
Needle(Standard):  DPx17 #18 13517 #110
Hook:  Large Horizontal axis hook(2.0times)
Amount of walking foot movement:  1-6mm
Lubrication:  Automatic lubrication type
Cylinder size:  46mm
Working space:  350x120mm
Seiko BSC-8BL

Seiko BSC-8BL

Price: $4,475.00

(You can always remove it later.)

For sewing medium to heavy weight fabrics, leather, vinyl, synthetics and laminated and coated materials.


Suitable for tubular and curved products with narrow openings such as hats,caps, shoes,bags, handbags, etc.