Seiko LZ2-990-2N


  • Made in Japan
  • Comes with assemble power stand
  • Suitable for light to medium materials
  • Large vertical axis rotary hook
  • Extra wide zig-zag
  • 20 & 30 inches long arm models are available


Number of needle: Single needle: 
Max. sewing speed: 2,800 r.p.m.: 
Max. stitch length: 5.0 mm: 
Zig-Zag width: 0~10 mm: 
Clearance under presser foot: -By Knee: 9.0 mm -By Hand: 8.0 mm: 
Needle: DP x 17 (#19): 
Thread: #30 (standard): 
Hook: Large vertical axis hook: 
Lubrication: Semi automatic: 
Bed size: 477mm x 177 mm: 
Working space: 258mm x 110 mm: 
Net weight (Head only): 28Kg: 
Motor: Clutch motor or servo: 
Seiko LZ2-990-2N

Seiko LZ2-990-2N
Single Needle, Zig-Zag Stitch Machine

Price: $3,350.00

(You can always remove it later.)

?For sewing light to medium weight materials such as fabrics, leather, canvas, and vinyl.
?Suitable for sewing such as leather garment, shoe upper, leather glove.