Seiko SKZ-6B


  • Reverse stitch
  • 2-point (1-step) zig zag
  • Various zig zag stitch can easily be made from 12.7mm to 0mm straight stitch, suit to wide application
  • For sewing medium to extra heavy weight materials such as fabrics, leather, canvas, and vinyl
  • Suitable for sewing such as luggage, rope, blankets, nets (fishing net), carpets
  • Suitable for ultra heavy materials
  • Puller performs accurate feed for ultra heavy materials
  • Large horizontal axis rotary hook
  • Extra wide zig-zag
  • Cording foot available
  • Complete with table stand and motor
  • Made in Japan
Seiko SKZ-6B

Seiko SKZ-6B
Single Needle Heavy Duty Drop Feed Lockstitch

Price: $5,300.00

(You can always remove it later.)

SEIKO SEWING MACHINE CO.,LTD is manufacture of heavy industrial sewing machine for shoe, bag, tent, car seat and heavy material making. We enjoy good reputation from all over the world as manufacturer of specialized sewing machine.
Our products are widely used in the world famous manufacturers.
In car seat industry, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HONDA, foreign manufacturers such as U.S.A.'s in shoe industry, ECCO & ACHILLES in bag industry, ACE. The motto of SEIKO is always to develop and supply new models in order to satisfy the requirements from the market.

Single needle, heavy duty, extra large horizontal axis hook, drop feed, zig zag (lockstitch) machine.