Singer 153B8B


  • Single needle, cylinder bed lockstitch machine with
  • Manual lubrication mechanism
  • Feed synchronized edge binder
  • Diameter of cylnder be is 46.5 mm that enables to unblocking movement of the bulky or tubular work piece
  • Compound feed and alternating pressers (unison feed) mechanism assures even feeding of several piles or slippery materials
  • Elliptical movement of drop feed
  • Horizontal movement of drop feed
  • Bevel gears are enclosed in grease packed case for noiseless running
  • Easy to operate the stitch length regulator and reverse stitch
  • Bobbin winder on table top
  • Complete with table stand and motor
Singer 153B8B

Singer 153B8B
Single Needle Lockstitch Cylinder Bed Machine

Price: $1,660.00

(You can always remove it later.)