Speedway SW-335


  • Universal cylinder-bed machine for use in small leather goods, leather garments, upholstery, shoes, etc
  • Working on tubular or pre-attached articles and standard sewing work on leather wear, bags and leathercraft articles.
  • Cylinder-bed machine for working on tubular or pre-attached articles
  • Very good feeding properties due to the unison feed
  • Excellent sewing quality with high perfomance and sewing reliability
  • Precise and consistent stitch setting at large spectrum of materials/fabrics
  • Rugged and durable machine construction - Easy to maintain machine concept
  • The high top feed lift (7 mm) allows trouble-free sewing of thick materials and an easy sewing over cross seams
  • Easy loading and unloading - even of bulky material - due to a high fabric clearance of 15 mm
  • Distance of the front edge of the cylinder arm to the needle: 9 mm - Cylinder arm diameter: 45 mm
  • Complete with table motor assembled


Needle system:  134-35 LR
Needle size:  80 -100 Nm
Max. sewing speeds:  2.800 s.p.m
Max. stitch length:  8,0 mm
Top feed stroke:  7,0 mm
Stitch type:  301 (Lockstitch)
Thread type:  synth. 40/3
Clearance under the sewing foot:  max. 15,0 mm
Connection voltage:  single-phase a.c. 110 V, 50/60 Hz
Speedway SW-335

Speedway SW-335
Speedway SW-335 Cylinder-bed with Binder Set

Price: $1,145.00

(You can always remove it later.)