Sunstar KM-2522


  • Power stand & Accessories. ( available in 110 and 220 volts )
  • Comes complete with Power stand


Application:  Light & Medium
Max sewing speed:  5,000 SPM
Max stitch length:  5 mm
Pressure foot lift height,hand:  5.5mm(Max.)
Needle:  DB x 1 #9 ~ #18
Lubrication oil:  10 # White oi
Motor power:  220 V / 550 W
Sunstar KM-2522

Sunstar KM-2522

Price: $810.00

(You can always remove it later.)

It's a new era. Introducing the new Sunstar KM-2522A Lock Stitch Sewing Machine.
Optimized sewing condition, The best trimming mechanism.
Full automatic oil supply system, Development of direct drive, Built-in Auto Presser Foot Lifter,Electronic Thread Holder.Control Panel offers up a number of settings.Power stand & Accessories. ( available in 110 and 220 volts )The newest technology of the computer direct drive automatic thread trimming lock stitch machine,simple yet practical design Based on SUNSTAR's leading precise processing technology, we uniquely designed integrated machine cover which stable and having
lower noise compare with traditional up-down structure one,
Unique designed and patented new model of thread trimmer, it combines adventage of the high speed and effectiveness.
Also Built-in control paner is more simple and easy for workers sewing.


More Powerful Direct Driven AC
Servo Motor with 550W


Easy handling for the materials by
more wide working space


Easy Maintenance Mechanism and
Safety System by Safety Switch
during maintenance.


More Powerful and safe, Stable
round knife for best trimming


Easy operation by built-in OP &
Control Box which are located
in front of the machine


Reverse Switch and Electronic Thread
Holder can improve more efficiency of


Bobbin winder is located in front of
operator. Easy and Safe Stitch Length
Dial has applied.

New Built-in Auto Presser foot Lifter