Sunstar KM-640UBL


  • Comes complete with power stand assembled.
  • available the KM-640BL Walking Foot Sewing Machine, (None-thread trinning and auto reverse)
Sunstar KM-640UBL

Sunstar KM-640UBL
Sunstar KM-640BL-7

Price: $1,679.00

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Long arm type ultra-modern one needle, drop feed, upper and lower feed, SunStar lockstitch sewing machine with an automatic thread trimmer
Comes complete with power stand assembled

Also available the KM-640BL Walking Foot Sewing Machine, (None-thread trinning and auto reverse)

Prices based on FOB from Anaheim California and T/T in advance


KM-640BL-7 is amazing. excellent performance. Quality guaranteed.
Longer Arm 33,5 cm (13 inches)


Pressure dual control system of presser foot and easy regulation of ascending amount of both main presser foot and auxiliary presser foot by dial are suitable for various sewing conditions such as the work for stepped and different thickness heavy duty material. With applying reliable feed mechanism, firm stitches and best quality are guaranteed.


The best trimming mechanism for thick Threads.
The machine realizes structures of dual safety devices and strong trimming drive. The movable mes and fixed mes composed of special materials not only performs strong trimming drive but guarantees excellent anti abrasion with perfect quality as a sewing for thick materials.


Enable to convert stitches by the two stitch length changing button
Expand sewing capability scope according to the thickness of fabrics by loading two main/auxiliary climb dials.


The pump-driven forced-circulation auto lubrication system reinforces machine durability at high speed a step higher, positioning the sewing machine to a high-class brand.


The control panel can be selected according to the process.
A series of function has been developed to allow the
operator to make a choice on the panel in accordance with
the process in which the sewing machine is to be used.
The control panel is provided with many different kinds of
functions, which means that it can respond to any sewing

Large-sized pulley for work efficiency and precise position detector installed
The large-sized pulley suitable for control accurate needle position during starting and completing work provides the best efficiency in the sewing of thick materials. Handy position detector is also installed, which can adjust and divide each to the needle position of pulley.