Techsew 1720


  • 2 needles - can also be used as 1 needle
  • Needle feed
  • Split bar disengages left or right needle for turning corners
  • Large bobbin & hook
  • Reverse lever for back tacking
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Includes table and 800W 4/5HP SmartServo motor
  • Work space: 10"
  • Needle system: DPx5 #18 to #23
  • Max. sewing speed: 4000 SPM
  • Max stitch length: 7mm
  • Needle distance: 1/4"
  • Presser foot clearance: 1/2"
  • Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty and FREE technical support for the life of your machine.
  • Machine comes inspected, oiled, adjusted and READY TO SEW.
Techsew 1720

Techsew 1720
2-Needle Needle Feed

Price: $1,999.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The Techsew 1720 is designed for light and medium materials such as fabrics, leather, canvas, vinyl, synthetics and various coated and laminated materials. Common applications include banners, signs, apparel, leather accessories and more.