Techsew 815


  • Powerful feeding mechanism
  • Sews zigzag and straight stitches
  • High quality Japanese rotary hook
  • Reverse
  • 7" High post bed
  • Automatic lubrication
  • High presser foot clearance
  • Includes variable speed Servo motor for full control of sewing speed
  • Includes table, motor, TS-28 LED lamp, bobbin winder, thread stand, needles, bobbins, repair tools, instruction manual
  • Includes Limited Lifetime Warranty and FREE technical support for the life of your machine
  • Machine comes assembled, inspected, oiled, adjusted and READY TO SEW


Sewing Capacity:  3/8"
Presser foot clearance:  1/2"
Post-bed height:  7"
Maximum zigzag width:  8mm
Maximum stitch length:  6mm
Needles:  135x17 #14-22
Thread Sizes:  #23 to #92
Techsew 815

Techsew 815
Post Bed Zig Zag

Price: $4,499.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The Techsew 815 sews light to medium weight materials such as leather, denim, vinyl, canvas and synthetic materials.

Featuring a powerful feeding mechanism for sewing thick and multi-layered materials, zigzag and straight stitch options and a high quality Japanese rotary hook, the 815 is a popular choice for footwear manufacturing and customization.