Weaver Leather 65-3075 Wonder 4 Ton


  • Stop the tedious process of cutting patterns by hand with this hand-operated machine that's sure to save you lots of time
  • This machine will pay for itself in no time with just your time savings alone
  • Made by Weaver Leather, this machine gives you professional results for products you can sell at higher profit margins
  • Swivel-away clicker head allows you to see where you're setting the die and offers easy clicking
  • A large 3" cam and 29" long handle gives you added leverage for easier clicking
  • Knurled adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust machine for using 3/4" to 1-1/4" dies
  • An aluminum plate attached to the head allows you to use double-edged dies
  • Heavy-duty design is reinforced at stress points for years of dependable service


Machine is:  15" W x 10" D x 43" H (with handle extended)
Clicker board measures:  8-3/8" x 11-7/8"
Includes mounting hardware for attachment:  your workbench
Shipped in two boxes because of shipping regulations:  only minimal assembly is required
Instruction sheet:  included
Weaver Leather 65-3075 Wonder 4 Ton
Weaver Leather

Weaver Leather 65-3075 Wonder 4 Ton
Master Tools Mighty Hand-Operated Clicker

Price: $1,650.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Master Tools machines are designed for the professional leatherworker and made by our in-house machine shop and local craftspeople following our strict quality guidelines. You'll appreciate the performance and value these quality-made machines provide. From sourcing the right machines for the job to carefully assembling each machine, the Weaver Leather team is committed to bringing you a full line of machines that deliver professional results every time.