Yamata FY8500-5-6D


  • Automatic thread guard device lifts the cut thread automatically, which makes the sewing operation much quicker and more convenient as well as making the stitches more beautiful
  • Servomotor helps to obtain the classless velocity modulation from 180 to 5000 stitches per minute.
  • Complete with table stand and motor
  • *This machine will be opened and tested prior to shipment*
Yamata FY8500-5-6D

Yamata FY8500-5-6D
Automatic High-Speed Lockstitch Sewing Machine

Price: $1,000.00

(You can always remove it later.)

New Feiyue FY8500-5-6D automatic under trimmer machine which is currrently one of our best selling industrial sewing machine. It includes a low noise feature in which provides the operator with a comfortable sewing environment.
It offers a 13mm presser foot lift, a light touch dial for stitch length selection and an easy to operate control panel.
It comes with an automatic thread trimming mechanism that performs speedly and efficiently.

It comes with our compact servo motor that reduces total weight and helps reduce vibration and noise