Consew HW-40


  • Winds large spools of thread to small spools.
  • All kinds of threads (for embroidery, decorative sewing and quilting machines) can be wound on each spool
  • Suitable for the spools with and without brims.
  • Specially designed motor and construction reduces noise.
  • Timer for easy adjustment of thread winding volume.
  • Intermittent movement switch makes winding startup simple.
  • Compact Design makes this machine easy to carry.
  • High Speed.
  • Up to four spools of thread can be wound simultaneously.
  • Great for large volumes.
  • HW-40: mm: 660 W x 490D x 950 H. Net Weight: 25kg


Power:  110 v. or 220 v.
Motor:  Single-Phase
Timer:  Adjustable to 15 min.
Traverse:  97mm (standard) / 2.5 (American )
Consew HW-40

Consew HW-40
HW-40 Thread Winder

Price: $1,150.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Saves Thread - Saves Money Automatic Timer - Saves Labor Versatile And Easy To Use - Saves Time Small And Compact - Saves Space