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Edic Atlas


  • Longer exhaust chamber and diffused exhaust air for quiet operation
  • EDIC Ultrastat™ filters have better filtration efficiency, greater dust retention and longer useful life than Micro filter bags because Ultrastat’s™ revolutionary synthetic material allows greater air flow even when the bag is full
  • 3-Position hip adjustment for wider or narrower hips allows the unit to sit more comfortably on the hips
  • Ergonomically designed harness with multi-adjustable settings for optimum comfort
  • Light-weight – only 10 lbs
  • Hip mounted switch results in easy on/off
  • Precision-molded cloth filter bag rim holds it’s shape to prevent collapsing inside the unit when the bag is full
  • Optional high air flow vacuum on 10-qt units
  • Available in 220-volt and in 400 cycles for the aviation industry
Edic Atlas

Edic Atlas
Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

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After years of careful planning, our new Atlas is taking the backpack vacuum market by storm. Feature for feature, it simply defies the competition! It’s light enough for anyone to handle and the ergonomically-designed Velcro straps at the chest and hips result in a comfortable fit for virtually any sized operator. A special slide adjustment hooks the shoulder straps together for a higher range of motion. The on/off switch is at the hip level and mounted on top for unparalleled ease of operation. Our unique airflow design makes this unit quieter than most and the baffled exhaust goes out the back, away from the operator, for a higher level of comfort. The Atlas comes with our extraordinary UltrastatTM 3-ply composite filter treated wwith an anti-microbial agent that provides exceptional airflow even when full, allowing for greater productivity. This exclusive bag is fitted with a durable plastic rim for an airtight seal around the top, and its’ seams are sonically welded (as opposed to glued). The result is higher dust retention, and a much longer filtration cycle.

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