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Hayden Premier


  • For homes up to 9000 sq. ft.
  • 3-stage, 7.2" motor #117500-12
  • 147" waterlift, 103" CFM
  • Washable filter (8744-WSH)
  • VacTrack Technology
  • 10-year warranty


SoftStart™:  Yes
Air Watts:  652
Weight:  356 lbs.
Size (ht. x dia.):  35 1/2" x 12"
Dirt Capacity:  5 gallons
Primary Filtration:  Cyclonic Separation
Secondary Filtration:  Washable Cartridge Filter
Hayden Premier

Hayden Premier
SuperVac Central Vacuum Power Unit

Price: $419.00

(You can always remove it later.)

Hayden Manufacturing Co. Ltd is a plastics specialty company which is the leading manufacturer of central vacuum system wall inlets, pipe elbows, etc., supplying over ninety-five percent of all that are used in the industry. Their central vacuum power units utilize their durable ABS Plastics case and electronic motor control combined with powerful suction motors by Ametek (Lamb), the world renowned vacuum cleaner motor manufacturer. When considering a central vacuum, be sure to consider Hayden's power units, attachment kits and very convenient SuperValve wall inlets.

SUPERVAC is the only central vacuum unit that is equipped with the revolutionary "VacTrack" module. This "thinking" electronic device actually keeps track of the number of cumulative hours your central vacuum has been in use.

When you invest in the power and convenience provided by a central vacuum system, you want to be sure that it is always operating at optimum efficiency. Every vacuum system needs to be cleaned from time to time. With SuperVac you'll never need to experience "power loss" as your reminder to empty and clean your unit.

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