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Electrolux 1400X


  • 8.5 amp vacuum motor
  • High Performance 2-Motor System. 86 cubic feet/minute airflow. 67 inch sealed suction(waterlift)
  • Power Nozzle: Nonslip timing belt design ensures extended life. Automatic shut-off protects motor from overheating and jammed conditions.
  • Extra wide 16" cleaning path.
  • 200 air watts
  • 3650 RPM brush speed
  • 40-foot cord
  • Filter Bag 2.5 quarts capacity
  • 4-ply filter bag helps eliminate the recirculation of most common particles and microscopic organisms for better indoor air quality.
  • Engineered thermoplastic construction offers reduced weight and uncompromising durability.
Electrolux 1400X

Electrolux 1400X
PrroLux Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Price: $450.00

(You can always remove it later.)

With its two-motor cleaning system, the PROLUX 1400 stands proudly alone from any other vacuum you've ever used. One push of the PROLUX 1400 and you'll be pulled in by its power. And its amazingly affordable price. It does twice the cleaning in half the time. Best of all, it's durable and powerful enough to conquer all your industrial cleaning chores for years to come. So go on a power trip. Get a PROLUX1400 today.

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