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Sebo duo-P


Sebo duo-P

Sebo duo-P
Dry Aqueous Polymer Powder Brush Machine

Price: $449.00

(You can always remove it later.)

The SEBO Duo-P Carpet Cleaner is one of the most thorough dry deep cleaning methods on the market today.

It's very easy to use. You vacuum first, sprinkle the Duo-P Powder out on the carpet, then use the SEBO Duo Carpet Cleaner. The Duo Carpet Cleaner is easier to push than a vacuum cleaner. The Duo Powder absorbs the dirt which you then vacuum up. It is impossible to hurt your carpet with this method.


You can walk on your carpet immediately after it has been cleaned. You can actually walk on it while it is being cleaned!

Resoiling Rates: How often have you had your carpets cleaned and very quickly your carpets are dirty again? The Duo method leaves no residue like most wet shampoos. It does not re-attract soil. The Duo Powder actually has a built in fiber protector to help protect against future soiling and staining.

The GAF Allergy Research Center in Germany found in a long term test that 6 months after a single cleaning with Duo-P, 7 of 10 carpets remained free of dust mite allergens.

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