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Edic SATURN 20


  • Multi-V belt drive reduces load on bearings and extends motor life
  • Smooth operation for reduced operator fatigue
  • Unique lockout system prevents accidental start-ups and allows machine to be activated with both hands on the grips
  • All-metal chassis plus stainless steel cover assure long life and dependability
  • New 17-inch model folds-down for super easy storage and transportation
  • Cool running 1.5 HP high efficiency motor
  • Rear transport wheels for easy turning and increased mobility
  • Easy motor access for quick servicing
Edic SATURN 20

Edic SATURN 20
High Speed Burnisher

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The Saturn burnishers make it simple to bring a smooth, super highgloss luster to any hard floor surface. Watching these machines in action will make anyone a believer! The perfect combination of weight and high speed produces a spectacular finish in record time. Brand new to the line-up is a 17" 2000 RPM model with a fold-down handle and a special compressed design for the ultimate in portability and storage plus greater maneuverability in tight spaces. Our traditional 20" models are available in 1500 or 2000 RPM and both the traditional and fold-down models are designed with an all-metal construction including stainless steel brush cover, making them as durable as they are dependable. All models come complete with flex-lock pad driver and high-speed pad.

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