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Koblenz P-4000


  • The Standard of Performance and Durability
  • Koblenz powerful 4.2 amp heavy-duty motor will pull out deep-imbedded dirt, obtaining fast results with little effort
  • All metal construction
  • Counter rotating twin brushes provide a 12 or 16 path for faster cleaning
  • Special soft bristle brush maximizes cleaning power while preventing damage to carpet fibers
  • T-bar handle enables user to glide the cleaner over carpets and hard floors quickly and effortlessly
  • Exclusive Flow-Thru Shampoo Brush System
  • Rug shampoo cleaning solution is dispensed directly to the brushes where our exclusive Flow-thru system converts it to foam to prevent excessive wetting of carpet
  • 12 cleaning path
  • 3.75 Quart Tank (120 oz.)
  • Die cast housing
  • Die cast aluminum motor base
  • 35 foot grounded 3 wire heavy duty line cord
  • T-bar handle
  • Finger activated internal dispensing system
  • Fully assembled, ready to use
  • 6 shampoo brushes
Koblenz P-4000

Koblenz P-4000
Commercial Shampooer/Polisher

Price: $310.00

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