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Steam Fast SF-222


  • Steams away stains, grease, grime, odors, and more
  • Sanitizes and kills most germs in your home
  • Requires no harsh chemicals
  • Ergonomically designed handle contoured for your comfort
  • Steam-ready indicator light lets you know when you are ready to begin steaming
  • 4 Accessories Included:
  • Measuring cup
  • Steam jet nozzle
  • Short nylon utility brush
  • Long nylon utility brush
  • 12.5 ft. grounded power cord
  • 6 oz. water capacity


Power:  900W
Unit Dimensions:  8.66" x 5.31" x 8.46"
Unit Weight:  3.31lbs.
Steam Fast SF-222
Steam Fast

Steam Fast SF-222
Quick&Easy™ Steam Cleaner

Price: $29.00

(You can always remove it later.)
Steam Fast

Cleaning power in the palm of your hand usually means a rag, and in the other hand, a bottle of some chemical spray. Not any more! The Quick&Easy™ Steam Cleaner puts the power of deep penetrating steam in your hand—just one. The Quick&Easy™ steams away stains, grease, grime and even odors with pure, powerful REALSTEAM™. The steamer requires no chemicals but still sanitizes and kills most germs in your home. The 6 oz. water capacity produces abundant steam while remaining easy to handle. And remember that one hand; the Quick&Easy™ Steam Cleaner has an ergonomically designed handle, contoured for your comfort and convenience. So take that one hand, add the power of the Quick&Easy™ Steam Cleaner, and watch those stains and that grime disappear.

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